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Medicare Parts A & B Coverage

Is Medicare Part A & Part B Enough?

Choosing the best Medicare plan for you can be a confusing process. It’s important to be sure your needs will be covered before your next trip to a medical provider or before an emergency arises.

Parts A and B offer different types coverage. Though they can be used together, for some individuals, Medicare coverage may still need to be supplemented.

Medicare Part A
Part A is designed to primarily cover hospital expenses. This includes hospital stays, some inpatient hospital treatments, nursing home care and hospice. Some home health care services are able to be covered under Medicare Part A if it has been deemed medically necessary by a doctor. These can all be grouped in the category of inpatient medical services.

Medicare Part B
Part B covers medical care outside of the hospital. This is most often used for doctors visits, blood work, and outpatient surgeries. As with Part A, treatment and visits must be deemed medically necessary in order to be covered by Medicare Part B.

P​art B also covers a limited amount of preventative services. These include flu shots, annual wellness visits, and cancer screenings.

Additionally, Part B covers the purchase of some durable medical equipment if it has been prescribed by a physician. Equipment that is sometimes covered includes wheelchairs, seat lifts, and walkers.

Gaps in Coverage
I​n regards to coverage in a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility, Medicare only covers costs directly related to medical care. Costs for assistance with other activities such as dressing, bathing, etc. are typically not covered. Additionally, Medicare not does always cover long-term stays in these kinds of facilities.

Though Part B will cover annual wellness exams, it does not cover other routine services. Services not covered include dental, vision, hearing, etc. This also means the cost of glasses, hearing aids, and dentures are not covered by Medicare Part B.

Durable medical equipment that has not been prescribed by your physician will not be covered. This includes stair lifts, bath seats, emergency alert systems, and more.

Medicare Supplement Plans
These gaps in coverage can lead to unexpected expenses and high medical bills. A Medicare supplement plan is helpful to fill in these gaps and ensure all your needs can be met. Providers of these plans are experts in Medicare coverage and can help you find a supplement plan that will meet your needs.

Additionally, these supplement plans can help cover other costs such as co-payments and deductibles. Medical bills can add up quickly and you never know when a medical emergency may occur. Use a Medicare supplement plan to take the stress away and make sure you are covered ahead of time.